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Doug, Kim and Morganne


Two Peas, one pod

Hi there... Welcome!

Kim, Morganne and I search for the best deals on the stuff we like... in hopes that people will apperciate our selection of products and take some home with them... My focus is on Technology and "guy stuff", while Kimmy picks the best in fashion, home decor, and what I'm going to call "trinketry"... She also sells AVON if you are interested in their products. Morganne is our daughter and as a mature teen still knows what kids like, and has a store of her own where she sells her art, in the form of t-shirts and accessories, but those items will be listed here too.

Thanks for Stopping by, hope you find something you like, and come back often to see what's new!

Thanks, Doug
Two Peas, One Pod... oops, Make that three...